2020 Townie Cup - Leaderboard

Hole #123456789101112131415161718
3 Pro's and a Bro (Jan Snyder)33342342334434323356
Peter & Associates (Brian Plantner)33343342233424433356
One Golfer and Three Drinkers (Rhys Richards)44332343234434323458
Vertical Volkswagons (Nick Snyder)43333342334434333459
Dawg Pound (Andrew Crawford)34442353344424323360
Beers Bombs & Shanks (Brent Williamson)43342343253433334460
Grand A Man (Dave Burkle)43443352333434333360
Henschen (Nate Henschen)33452343343424334461
Evergreen EXT (Danny Pool)33433343434434324461
Dirty Mike & The Boys (Mike Brown)44443342344433334362
Don’s Johnson (Nick Hirth)44442352244425433362
Jerkin your Gerken (Kyle Friedley)33443342344534433362
Ball Buster's (Matt Zachary)34342343334544324462
Ace in the hole (Jordan Schmeltz)43442453244425324362
Dude Where’s My Par (Ryan Binns)44453443233424434363
Orange Crushed It (Tony Wulff)34454443242424434464
The Fore Brothers (Jon Bailey)43543443343433434465
StoryPoint (Andrew Otley)44443442344433434465
Team Ramrod (Erin Whittaker)44443353334434434466
HAHA Legends (Andy Newlove)34452443444534434468
Stubs Studs (Chris Hines)43443454444434424468
Smokin with DaHass (Drew haslinger)43443453244634340464
Fore of a Kind (Tom Horn)54443443344434434468
We've Got Game (marcia kozy)44453443444534333468
Don't Hassle Me I'm Local (Rob Green)44432443455435434469
Perpetual Bottom Feeders (Drew Headley)53453453334535434470
Harpooners (Damon Bechstein)54444453255434433470
Crunk Bomb Boys (Scott Amstel)0000000000000000000
Fore Play (Gayle Rutter)64444542343545434472
Chicks N' Sticks (Adam Snyder)0000000000000000000
The Buzz (Ryan Myers)0000000000000000000
Sip It and Rip It (TJ Rutter)0000000000000000000
Kozy Crew (Grant Kozy)44453453444535434472
The Smack Dabbers (Rob Baither)0000000000000000000
Stevie Wonder's Driving School (Team Duster)0
The Munson’s (Nate Dijohn)44553553344545334473