2022 Townie Cup - Leaderboard

Hole #123456789101112131415161718
Friedley's (Kyle Friedley)43343432233434324357
Peter & Associates (Brian Plantner)44432453233323324458
Vertical Volkswagons (Nick Snyder)43343443233434434361
Orange Crushed it (Tony Wulff)43442543334534324262
Pepe Silvia (Jackie Baither)33342453344434433362
Rinsed (Brandon Piersol)43343443243425433462
Stevie Wonder's Driving School (Carson Musser)44343443334324433462
Dawg Pound (Andrew Crawford)43343443244534333463
Bottom Feedin’ (Drew Headley)44453452234424434263
Ruff Ryders (Patrick Blake)44343553334534323364
Sip It & Rip It (TJ Rutter)33443452443000334352
Dirty Mike & The Boys (Mike Brown)33553443344435334467
NWA (Carlos Calderon)44453352343544334467
I Like Big Putts & I Can Not Lie (Bryan Hartzler)44353453344434434468
Smokin with Da Hass (Drew haslinger)44452050344430000446
Common Sail (Andrew Otley)00353000000000000011
The Rule 62s (Grant Kozy)44453453444525434471
Don't Hassle Me I'm Local (Rob Green)0000000000000000000
The Nature Boys (Jeff Bailey)0000000000000000000
Misfits (Damon Bechstein)0000000000000000000
One Golfer and Three Daly Drinkers (Rhys Richards)0000000000000000000
Putt Buddies (Scott Amstel)0000000000000000000
Guardsmen (Jason Carmen)0000000000000000000
Chicks 'N Sticks (Adam Snyder)0000000000000000000
Stubs Dubs (Chris Hines)0000000000000000000
Michelle Wulff (Michelle Wulff)0000000000000000000
Ace in the hole (Jordan Schmeltz)0000000000000000000
David Burkle (Dave Burkle)0000000000000000000
Dude, where’s my par? (Ryan Binns)0000000000000000000
No Bros and No Pros (Jan Snyder)0000000000000000000
Four Play (Gayle Rutter)0000000000000000000000000000000000000
Top Guns (Paul Kozy)0000000000000000000
Kirk BOWLING GREEN ICE CATS 13-14 LALOR Maxey (Kirk Maxey)0000000000000000000
Ghostride the Whip (Nick Bauman)0000000000000000000
Sleepy Joes (Chris Demecs)0000000000000000000
Evergreen EXT (Danny Pool)50000000044545435443
Team Munson (Nate Dijohn)44554453354535444475